I want to start off by offering my thanks for your support and encouragement over the last four years! This has been an amazing adventure and you have been there not only for my non-profit, The Living Room, but for me as well. With your help, we have touched the lives of nearly 50 families living with chronic illnesses. We have found great joy and many blessings collectively sharing tears, hugs, and smiles. By providing one-room makeovers to our clients we have proven that your environment indeed plays an important roll in how you feel and how you heal. 

Most of the members of our “working” board have been with us since the beginning and have given generously of their time and resources. We have worked hard to set up a process to find the clients, connect them with designers, and provide the resources for the makeovers. As many non-profits do, we have faced challenges in implementing our mission. We have considered options like changing our structure, expanding our budget through grant applications and fundraising, and tailoring our outreach. After much thought and discussion, our board has concluded that the wise and prudent decision is to dissolve The Living Room. We can be proud of the work we have done not only for many residents living will chronic illnesses, but additionally, to the non-profits serving those who are healing that we have supported. 

As we wind down, we will be completing our pending makeovers prior to dissolving on or about May 31, 2015. We have been conscientious stewards of your donations, and plan to donate any remaining furnishings and accessories to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill. Our remaining funds will be donated to the following agencies: Cancer Services, Family Services, Habitat for Humanity, Open Arms, Trinity Center and the GreeNest. We trust these groups will fulfill your and our intent to help others. 

It has been an incredible four years and I will cherish the memories. Thank you again for helping to turn my vision into a reality not just for myself, but for so many others as well. 

Love to you all, 

Susan Macintosh President,
The Living Room, Inc.